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Chief Wahoo was a Native American of unknown tribe who became a multi-millionaire when oil was discovered on his land.

Not needing to work he spend most of his time traveling, first with someone known as the Great Gusto, a man who bore a striking resemblance to W. C. Fields both in looks and demeanor, an always scheming con-artist he and Chief Wahoo parted ways once they reached New York where Wahoo was reunited with his niece Minnie-Ha-Cha, from there he traveled with her as she made her way though show business, first on Broadway then in Hollywood.

Later both Wahoo and Minnie returned to Chief Wahoo’s hometown (Teepee Town) where Chief Wahoo meet photo journalist Steve Roper and had a long run of adventures with him.

After a time Roper moved on and the later adventures of Big Chief Wahoo went unrecorded.

It was the times  

Chief Wahoo was a broad overdone stereotype of an “Injun” that was painfully common in the early part of the 20’s century.

Depicted as big hearted, brave and naive the character was the star of a long running newspaper strip, several “Little Big Books”, and a number of comics in the 1940’s.

Eventually written out of his own strip, he was replaced by reporter Steve Roper and detective Mike Nomad.     


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