Big Boy Caprice

    Character » Big Boy Caprice appears in 6 issues.

    One time powerful mobster, Big Boy Caprice will stop at nothing to kill Dick Tracy for ruining his once unstoppable empire.

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    A powerful mobster and nightclub owner. He and his minions rob and murder Emil Trueheart in front of Trueheart's family and Dick Tracy, and then kidnap Tracy's girlfriend Tess Trueheart. Dick Tracy in response joins the Detective Bureau and stops at nothing to bring Big Boy and other criminals to justice. Big Boy loses all his power when Tracy leads a police raid into Big Boys nightclub and ends Big Boys legacy.

    Big Boy reappears later suffering from poor health and has gone from powerful gangster to a mere small time boss to one of the criminal ruling elite committee known as The Apparatus. Seeking revenge on Tracy for ruining his power base he puts a contract out for Dick Tracy's death with a reward of one million dollars. A professional killer known as Little Letel takes the job and attempts to kill Tracy using a car bomb, which ultimately kills Dick Tracy's daughter-in-law Moon Maid and the wife of Tracys adopted son Junior.

    Dick Tracy then becomes head of the Organized Crime Unit to retaliate against the attempts to take his life, which causes The Apparatus to force Big Boy to drop the contract.

    Big Boy then hires a professional hitman know as Iceman to kill Dick Tracy. The hitman attempts to kill Dick Tracy and fails. Fatally wounded, Iceman tells Dick Tracy that Big Boy was behind everything. Dick Tracy then heads to Big Boy's home to arrest him for murder. Upon hearing of Dick Tracys arrival and intentions, Big Boy goes into a rage which ultimately ends up killing him.

    Big Boy Caprice was portrayed by Al Pacino in the 1990 Disney film Dick Tracy.


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