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    A Strong New God from New Genesis and a member of the Forever People

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    Born and raised on Apokolips, Big Bear escaped his home planet and secretly relocated to New Genesis, where he joined the Academy of Higher Conscience. After he graduated he was sent to Earth to run one of New Genesis' stations there. He worked with at least one team prior to the arrival of the Forever People.


    Big Bear was created by Jack Kirby. He was rebooted by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen.

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    When first created in the Bronze Age, Big Bear was introduced as a New God who was raised on New Genesis alongside his close friends, with whom he later formed the Forever People. When a member of the Forever People, Beautiful Dreamer, was kidnapped as part of Darkseid's war on the New Gods, Big Bear went to Earth along with the remaining Forever People to rescue her. They were aided by Superman and a cosmic being summoned by their Mother Box, called Infinity Man. After rescuing Beautiful Dreamer, the group decided to remain on Earth to explore the planet and their own roots. During this Age he was the pilot of the team's Super-Cycle, and possessed the ability to alter the density of objects by molecular manipulation. Functionally, this allowed him immense strength and nigh-invulnerability.

    Modern Age

    Early in the Modern Age this origin was retconned, and he and the other Forever People were revealed to be humans who had been doomed to die as infants, but were rescued by New Gods, who took them to New Genesis and raised them to become the eventual defenders of Earth. This was later retconned again, and he was re-established as a New God, and implied to be an example of the next stage of the New God's evolution.

    New 52

    The New 52 introduced his current origin and powers.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Forever People

    Big Bear is a member of the Forever People throughout their self-titled series, adventuring with the group and fighting Darkseid, who was determined to destroy them. During an encounter with Devilance the Pursuer, Big Bear and the rest of the Forever People are teleported to the distant planet of Adon in place of Infinity Man. He and his teammates are trapped on Adon after the apparent deaths of both Infinity Man and Devilance. On Adon, he marries fellow Forever Person Beautiful Dreamer, and together they have a daughter, named Maya. His marriage and child were wiped out of existence following an encounter with an entity known as the Dark, who erased everything that happened to the group while on Adon.

    Death of the New Gods

    During the Death of the New Gods, Big Bear is killed by Infinity Man, as are all the other members of the Forever People. It is revealed that he and his friends had been dead for some time prior to the discovery of their bodies.

    Infinity Man and the Forever People

    Working alongside the Forever People, he discovers the influence of New Genesis is having a negative effect on some of the people of Earth. He attempts to convince the team to kill Highfather in order to free them of the Infinity Man. He later becomes involved in investigating the origins of the Infinity Man, who reveals his history to Big Bear.

    Alternate Versions

    Amalgam Universe

    A version of Big Bear appears in the Amalgam Universe as a member of the Un-People, a team created by the fusion of the Forever People and the Inhumans. This version of the character is called Big Gorgon, created by an amalgamation of Big Bear and Gorgon.

    Gods and Monsters

    A character physically resembling Big Bear appears appears among a number of other so-called "Forever People," the result of genetic manipulations to make old and decrepit humans young and superhumanly powerful.

    Powers and Abilities

    Big Bear is a New God, he has all the powers and abilities inherent to his race. He can sense fluctuation in the Source, as can all New Gods. He possesses inmense superhuman strength, Inmortality and durability, and is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He is also skilled with technology.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Big Bear has access to Kirby, a powerful AI which he can use to perform research and to monitor Earth. He also has access to a Mother Box and a Super-Cycle, which he shares with the other members of the Forever People. With the Forever People, and facilitated by the Mother Box, he can merge into the consciousness of the Infinity Man. He has two sets of blades that fit between his fingers and which resemble claws.

    Other Media


    Justice League

    Big Bear made a cameo appearance at the end of the Justice League episode "Twilight Part 2." He does not speak in his appearance.

    Young Justice

    Young Justice
    Young Justice

    Big Bear appears alongside the other Forever People in the Young Justice episode "Disordered". His costume, like those of his companions, was altered from the original appearance. During the episode he uses the simplified name of "Bear" after claiming that his true name corresponds to that of an animal to which there was no equivalent on Earth. He is played by Bill Fagerbakke.


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