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    Zeke Midas Wolf is the Disney version of a character popular in many different folklore stories.

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    Created in the early 1930's Zeke Wolf made his comic debut in Walt Disney Annual #1 dressed in his iconic overalls, gloves, and top hat.

    Being an early Disney villain, he was in one of the initial cartoon shorts with "Three Little Pigs". Which became very popular and had many sequels including one named after him, "The Big Bad Wolf"

    Having a desire for disguise he has ditched his regular clothes to dress in drag to become a mermaid, Little Bo Peep, and Goldilocks the Fairy Queen. He was also included in the 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" in a sheep costume.

    In 1936 he appeared in Sunday newsprint comics, which were later collected, reformatted, and reprinted in a monthly book called "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" first published in 1941. Which were popular enough to spawn an original series named Lil' Bad Wolf, that had the Big Bad Wolf's cub Li'l Bad as the main character, however the larger of the to wolves stole most of the thunder.

    The comics were about how Zeke wanted his son to take after him, a life of big badness, but Lil' didn't want to grow up that way, and the small wolf cub even befriended three little pigs.

    The origin of the Wolf's full name also came out of that father and son comic, among the key creators were Gil Turner, Carl Buettner, and Jack Bradbury, giving him his first name, Zeke in 1946 and his middle name, Midas in 1949.


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