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Don't Mess With Porky Hogg

 Take that Joan!
 Take that Joan!
There is a lot of variety in this older books as they have multiple stories.  The problem is you can have an awesome story like the Blue Beetle and Stardust and have awful ones like the Wing Turner and the Flame.  Let me explain.
First we have the Blue Beetle story that starts out with Joan Mason tied to the end of a Howitzer.  For those of you who don't know Joan is to Blue Beetle what Lois Lane is to Superman.  This story has a good story with an actual villain Porky Hogg who is ruthless.  Even throwing a small boy off the roof of a skyscraper and killing him just to frame the Blue Beetle and disgrace him.
Don't Mess w/ Porky Hogg
Don't Mess w/ Porky Hogg
Then we get to Samson and David.  This comic was all right but lacked any real story. Samson literally stops a war monger, (who looks a lot like Hitler by the way.) and that is it.  He just stops his whole war machine in the matter of a few hours.  With a story like this is make Samson look kind of silly when World War II is happening and he does nothing.
Now the Wing Turner story that is better than any Wing Turner story I have ever read and it still dull.  The Flame comics sandwich a short story that is not a comic.  The Flame stories are nearly identical.  The Flame knows some bad guys (a gang) who kidnapped someone's daughter.  The Flame then chases them all over remorselessly killing then by burning them alive.  I have read about ten Flame stories and nearly every one is so formulaic you could use this description for all of them.
Anyone see a head?
Anyone see a head?
Now we get to Stardust.  This is such a bizarre story that you have to love it.  Stardust stops a band of hoods who are taking over the world with a weapon that removes oxygen.  Stardust ends up stopping the hoods in such a bizarre way that I have never seen anything like it ever.  Really creative and something you will think and talk about. I'll give you a hint.  It involves a the largest giant in the universe who is a headless alien in search for a head.
This book gets four stars for the Blue Beetle story and five for the Stardust story.  The Samson story gets three stars and both Flame and Wing Turner stories only get one star.  I gave the over all book three stars.  Read it for the Blue Beetle and Stardust stories at the very least.  I can tell you how to find this book free if you send me a PM.
In Liberty We Trust

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