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  1.  The death of Frank James
     The death of Frank James
    Blue Beetle: The Blue Beetle fights and Stops Borgo the Mirror Murderer.  In the fourteen page story, Bargo has been using his mirrors to kill the James brothers and kills three of then and captures and tortures two of them. He is about to torture Joan Mason when Blue Beetle saves her and the last two James brothers.
  2. Samson: In twelve pages Samson and sidekick David go up against Doctor Blood.  Doctor Blood is a back robber and murderer and nearly kills David with a pistol.  He nearly kills Samson himself when his hair is cut.
  3. Flame: The Flame stops some murdering racketeers and Jewel thieves.  He ends up chasing all throughout the city before killing them in a explosion of fire.  This is a nine page story.
  4. The Gargantuans
    The Gargantuans
    Flame: Very much like the story above the Flame chases a gang of murderers throughout the city running on the flames from his Flame Gun.  This story is also nine pages, and ends with the murder of the gang members by the fire of the Flame Gin.
  5. The Flying Dutchman Goes Modern: The Flying Dutchman story is a two page short story.  It is not a comic story.  The story is about a German U-Boat that discovers the Ghost Ship the Flying Dutchman and go mad.
  6. Cosmic Carson: Cosmic Carson is an earthling in our future.  In this six page story he stops the Gargantuans from taking over Earth.
  7. Dr. Doom: The insane Dr. Doom tries to changes the Earths atmosphere in order to allow the Venusians to take over the Earth.  The story ends on a cliffhanger in this six page story.


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Lacked some pizazz. 0

 This just in As in many comics in this era, this book is filled with several stories.  Oddly it is not just Blue Beetle, Samson and the Flame.  There is also a Cosmic Carson and Dr. Doom story.  (Not that Dr. Doom, see link)   The Blue Beetle story was the best story in this book but it was pretty straight forward.  The Samson story was so dull I actually started to fall asleep reading it.  The next was the first of two Flame stories.  Again these were dull and the second one was terrible. ...

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