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    Bibbo Bibbowski was a longshoreman and a former boxer. He first met Superman while Superman was looking for information in a Suicide Slum bar called the Ace O' Clubs. Bibbo, thinking this was a guy in a Superman suit, punched Superman, and hurt his hand. He gained respect from the Man of Steel for defending Superman's honor. He would later refer to Superman as his favorite. His admiration for Superman seemingly remained based on physical strength, as he stated that Lobo was his favorite when the Czarnian appeared tougher.

    He found a winning lottery ticket and used the money to buy the Ace O' Clubs bar and help those living in the Slum. By the time that Superman was killed by the creature Doomsday, he had come to represent the idea of ordinary people living up to Superman's example.

    Bibbo briefly took care of a small white dog named Krypto, not to be confused with the current Kryptonian dog of the same name. The original Krypto's name arose when the engraver Bibbo hired made a mistake, It was supposed to be Krypton. Krypto would later find a good home with friends he trusted in Hawaii.

    After Superman had been defeated by Atlas, Bibbo tried to stand up to the seemingly unstoppable threat, however he was knocked out with one punch.

    Bibbo is seen as a friend to Hacken, a strong fighter with a chaotic past looking to improve his life. Like Bibbo, Hacken has been heavily involved with superheros.

    In Other Media

    Bibbo Bibbowski was a reoccurring character in Superman: The Animated Series. Like his comic book counterpart, he was a tough, but lovable brute who showed a tremendous loyalty to Superman no matter what.

    Young Justice


    Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent visited his restaurant to talk about Superboy. Clark ordered a piece of apple pie and Bruce, devil's food cake. Bibbo heard Clark raise his voice when Bruce referred to Superboy as his "son".

    The Team regrouped in the diner after Duk Trang was murdered. They discussed the rest of the plan telepathically, which led Bibbo to think that they were all text messaging each other.


    Bibbo was abducted by aliens, and brought to their main base on Earth as a "plaything", and replaced him with a duplicate controlled from inside, much like a suit. The fake Bibbo's speech patterns and mannerisms were essentially identical to the original.


    Bibbo was discovered by Gamma Squad in the Krotolean base underneath a New Orleans junkyard, together with UN Secretary General Tseng and other hostages. He was freed from confinement by Lagoon Boy, and all hostages and squad members managed to escape before the base self-destructed.

    Bibbo helped apprehend the Krolotean that impersonated him, with help from Bumblebee and Blue Beetle. However, the Krolotean escaped from the robot suit.


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