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    Character » Bianca LaNeige appears in 17 issues.

    Bianca is a former business rival of Emma Frost. She swore revenge after Emma stole her company.

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     Into the void she goes
     Into the void she goes
    Bianca grew up a spoiled and pampered yet brilliant woman. Over time she acquired her own company and became a rival with Emma Frost . Both businesses were in the transport sector and thus Bianca hated this new upstart more than ever for moving in on her “turf”. This rivalry extended to the 
    Hellfire Club where Emma had gained a bit of notoriety while Bianca lagged behind in popularity and clout.

    She started to mismanage her business by investing heavily in a secret project that was to be used to breach dimensions. She kept this secret from even high level stock holders and investors, leading them to think the company was loosing major profits.

    The secret vehicle was even housed away from her main building for confidentiality and security. When Emma tried to take control of her company by hostile takeover she entrusted her lawyers with the grunt work as she continued to work on her “project”. By the time  Emma waltzed into her office, it was over, she had lost her company and Emma was their to tell her to clean out her desk and leave. She did clean out her desk but vowed revenge on the woman  who had taken her company and her livelihood from her. She went to the site of her “project” and there she used the unfinished vehicle to break into another dimension hoping to find alien technology to help bankrupt 
    Ms. Frost and retrieve her assets.

    In Hell

    Once on the other side of the portal her incomplete dimensional vehicle was destroyed and she was left stranded. She didn’t get the alien technology she desired but instead was tortured and had to endure all kinds of inhuman pain and modification there, she blamed Emma for it all. In time she gained psionic based powers and she sought a way to get back to earth and enact her revenge. She found a way to locate Emma Frost  and watch her from this dimension and then she found someone to transport her back.


     Defeated by Emma
     Defeated by Emma
    Once back in her home dimension Bianca used her powers to transmute a bunch of bug like aliens into her slaves and commandeered their ship to reach earth and attack Emma Frost . Once on earth however an immense psionic pulse erupted across the astral plane and she was rendered powerless. Her new minions tried a mutiny but decided against it when they realized she alone had the power to return them to how they were originally.

    They finally attacked Emma Frost  and Generation X. While her minions kept the team busy she confronted a temporarily empowered Emma. Despite her superior strength the resourceful Emma still defeated her.

    She was then forced to rebuild the wall that she and her minions had destroyed earlier. She hated the manual labor but had to do it nonetheless. She and her minions were then transported along with the biosphere to an unknown location and have not been seen since.


    Powers and Ability's

    She is a genius inventor able to build machines for transportation between dimensions. She was also CEO of her own company for years so her business knowledge is also formidable.


    Psionic based powers
     Transmuting insects into dwarfs
     Transmuting insects into dwarfs
    She is not a mutant but has self proclaimed Telepathic powers to rival Emma Frost, never shown in use though.  She can also transmute a persons physical form. She also has a degree of physical resistance as she claimed particle lasers could not harm her. All these abilities are psionic in nature as she lost them all due to the psi-war.

    Physical based Powers
    She also displayed superior strength than a normal earth woman  by easily picking up and tossing Emma frost during their confrontation.

    Unusual characteristics

    Red eyes and pale white skin.


    Citizenship: United States  
    Place of Birth: unknown
    Occupation: Chairperson of the Board and Chief Executive of her own company (unnamed, formerly) Multi-Millionaire 


    Physical Characteristics

     Beautiful and Imposing
     Beautiful and Imposing

    Height: 5'10" 
    Weight: 140 lbs  
    Eyes: Blue (originally)          Red (Currently)
    Hair: Blond (originally)      Purple (currently)


    Alternate realities

    Only appeared in marvel 616

    In other Media

    Only appeared in comics thus far.

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