Character » Bi-Plane appears in 11 issues.

    Bi-Plane was an evil avionics engineer. He wore a device that looked like a small plane on his back that let him fly.

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    Character Information 

    Real name: Unrevealed
    Occupation: Criminal
    Identity: Known to law enforcement
    Legal status: Citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record
    Former aliases: None
    Place of birth: Unrevealed
    Marital status: Unrevealed
    Known relatives: Unknown
    Group affiliations: None
    Base of operations: Unrevealed 
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black (bald on top)
    Strength level: Bi-Plane possessed the strength of a man his age, build and height who engaged in little regular exercise.   


    The evil avionics engineer Bi-Plane began his spectacular criminal career decades ago using the first version of his trademark bi-plane ultra light flying wings. Over the years Bi-Plane continually upgraded his uranium powered wings in order to carry out daring aerial crimes such as hijacking a postal service cargo plane, robbing a hot air balloon regatta and attacking Air Force Two.
    Bi-Plane's clashes with costumed heroes frequently ended in incarceration or injury, and as he aged Bi-Plane found he spent more time as an inmate than as a villian. A prison doctor told Bi-Plane that decades of wearing a poorly shielded uranium powered jet on his back had taken their toll in addition to pinched nerves and a herniated disc, Bi-Plane was dying of cancer.
    Bitter and vengeful, Bi-Plane escaped from a federal penitentiary in Colorado and donned his flying wings for one last act of spite against the world. Unhinged with despair, the dying Bi-Plane planned to detonate his flying machine high over Denver, showering the city with radiation.
    Fortunately, the super-strong hero The Immortal intervened and physically threw Bi-Plane into outer space before he could detonate the apparatus. Today Bi-Plane's desiccated body floats high in orbit on an endless, silent flight.

    Weapons and Abilities

    Abilities:Bi-Plane was a brilliant avionics engineer with great talent for invention.
    Weapons:Bi-Plane was capable of flying by utilizing a uranium powered ultra light fixed-wing flying harness similar in design to traditional biplane aircraft, Constructed of light weight materials such as aluminum, graphite composites and high strength plastics. The flying rig consisted of two main wings of similar spans, one mounted above the other, the upper wing overlapping the lower wing in a forward staggered configuration, designed to minimize aerodynamic interference between the two wings. Vertical and slightly raked support struts, positioned symmetrically on either side of the engin block, connected the rigid sections of the upper and lower wings into a strong box structure.
    Coming from a time before Smart Atoms that is before the arrival of Omni-Man on Earth, Bi-Plane was forced to use a dangerously radioactive uranium powered jet turbine positioned between the wings to provide thrust for his airframe. Bi-Plane was able to take off from a stand still by jumping into the air while at the same time engaging the tubine on his back. He could attain a maximum level flight speed of 340 knots utilizing special breathing apparatus but generally kept his cruising speeds below 104 knots the limit at which he could breath normally. His maximum rate of climb at sea level was 3000 ft/min. He was able to reach a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet with the aid external breathing apparatus but preferred to cruise at or below 11,000 feet which eliminated the need for an external oxygen supply. Bi-Plane was capable of preforming complex aerobatic maneuvers including spins, dives, loop-the loops and barrel roll maneuvers. The double wing design of the harness provided sufficient lift to enable him to carry over 300 lbs. In adition to his own weight while flying. He wore a special flight suit of his own design which allowed him to withstand the rigors and temperature extremes of jet powered atmospheric flight.

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