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    A legendary warrior, who lives in the ancient Indian kingdom of Vikasnagar.The swords warrior has vowed to protect his kingdom from all enemies.

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    Bhokal is a warrior who lives in a fictional fabled land. The legendary winged prince landed on earth in an important private mission and descended in Vikasnagar. He emerged as the passionate defender of Vikasnagar. The original name of Bhokal is Rajkumar Alop and the character was first featured in a 7 comic series along with Tureen, Atikrur and Shootan, who are his friends. Tureen is also the love interest of Bhokal. One of the main plotlines includes his battle with Fuchang who was responsible for the murder of his parents. Eventually Bhokal kills Fuchang, one of his main rivals.

    Bhokal can beckon the power of his teacher Mahaguru Bhokal. This power, known as Bhokal Shakti, can be summoned by calling his name during combats and battles by shouting Jai Mahaguru Bhokal. He attains superhuman physical strength as well as the mystical Sword and Shield of Mahaguru Bhokal. The sword has unique attributes and is able to slice and cut through any elements and materials. His sword is regarded as one of the greatest weapons of its time.

    The sword also emits a mystical fire from its edge known as Jwala-Shakti, which burns almost everything in few seconds. The shield of Bhokal is also very powerful and can prevent all sorts of supernatural and physical attacks. The shield also allows Bhokal to fly by utilizing the shield itself. Bhokal also received psychic powers by wielding the weapon Prahara on his forehead. Bhokal was married to Turin, who died in subsequent issues of the series.

    Family and Friends of Bhokal

    In the course of the story, the character of Bhokal was married 3 times. His first wife was name Turin, who had the magical weapon named Prahara in her possession. Turin was slaughtered in the Himalayan valleys by Himraj and Bhokal was unable to save her as he was trapped in a battle somewhere else. Bhokal was then married to Rupsi who could talk with animals; and later with Saloni, an expert archer. Bhokal had 2 sons and a daughter, who died due to the conspiracy of Kaljantri.

    Some of his other friends include Shootan, Venu, Atikrur, Peku Pakodia, Tilli, Gajo-Bajo, Totka and the children of King Vikasmohan and Queen Mohini.


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