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The story of Bheriya is situated in the fictional kingdom known as Wolfano. Almost fifty thousand years ago, an extremely evolved breed of wolves lived in the kingdom of Wolfano. These creatures walked upright and were powerful and aggressive warriors. A wolf, known as Wolfa was the king of the region who fell in love with a human princess named Rajkumari Survaiya from the kingdom of Konkani. Survaiya was tricked by Wolfa into marrying him and the couple eventually had a son, Kobi.

Gradually, Survaiya found out about the fact that she was tricked by Wolfa and thus left him and her son Kobi. Survaiya got married to the King of Moraghah. Konkan, the King of Konkani, tricked and destroyed the entire Wolfano kingdom, but a priest of Wolfano named Guru Bhatiki, became the saviour of Kobi and rescued him from being killed in the attack. Guru Bhatiki raised Kobi and trained him to be a fearsome warrior. After Kobi grew up, he along with his father went on a quest to get back his mother Survaiya. Appalled at their audacity, Survaiya cursed Kobi and transformed him into a golden statuette.

The story then returns to the present day, when the curse on Kobi is broken and he realizes that he is in the forests of Assam. He adopts a new identity as Bheriya and starts a new life. Bheriya is a soaring figure with howling mane, long tail and glowing eyes. He protects the forest with a passion and the natives venerate him as the Wolf God. Bheriya manages to locate his master, Bhatiki who trains him in various combat forms. Bhatiki separates Bheriya from Kobi and creates 2 distinct personalities out of them. This was done with the purpose of sending Kobi to Wolfano. But Bhatiki becomes unsuccessful in this. In the meantime Kobi, the wolf part of Bheriya, meets Jane and gets married to her. As a result, he refuses to leave the forest. Kobi settles in the forests of Assam and protect the local residents from various problems and dangerous situations.

There are several dissimilarities amongst Kobi and Bheriya. Kobi is portrayed as aggressive, mischievous and wild. Bheriya on the other hand is very kind, wise and of human nature. There had also been situations where Kobi had been saved by Bheriya. Pretaal and Kaalnemi are two of the main enemies of Bheriya and Kobi. Some of the other rivals of Bheriya are Tuntunna, Kaigula, Elphanto, King Luna, Andhadhundh and Grahno.

Powers and Abilities of Bheriya

Kobi and Bheriya have separate powers and supernatural abilities. Kobi has the ability to increase the length of his tail to any extent and utilise it as a deadly weapon against enemies or use it to help others as well. In extreme situations, Kobi calls upon the wolf gods which results in materialization of a deadly mace in his hands. In times of danger millions of wolves gather around at Kobi`s call for help. Kobi is considered as a god by these wolves and worship him. Bheriya has inherited the fighting skills from the original Kobi and is now a fearsome warrior. He has mastered numerous ancient tricks and combat techniques.

Friends and Allies of Bheriya

Bheriya and Kobi have many friends, allies and family members and the most prominent are Jane, Guru Bhatiki and Fuzobaba. Jane is the lover of Bheriya and desires Bheriya and Kobi to be re-united to be one again as she believes that Kobi and Bheriya are a single soul. Initially, Jane was a spy from France, but during one of her missions when she came to Assam, she was mesmerized by Bheriya and married him. During the period when Bheriya and Kobi are separated, Jane remains as the wife of Kobi. She is smart, beautiful, brave and had rescued Bheriya from danger repeatedly.

Guru Bhatiki is the trainer of Kobi and Bheriya and is incredibly powerful and cunning. Bhatiki was one of the founding members of Wolfano Kingdom. Guru Bhatiki has the sole aim of rebuilding the kingdom of Wolfano and bringing Bheriya and Kobi to their homeland. He was responsible for the separation of Kobi and Bheriya.

Fuzobaba is portrayed as the protector of the forest and all living creatures and can cure any organism. He is rather wise and possesses the power to communicate with animals. Fuzobaba was originally a criminal named Fajihat Singh, but he later changed himself and started protecting nature. He has been a support of Bheriya in various missions and his amongst his friends. But Kobi considers Fuzobaba as one of his enemies. He is a father figure to Jane and other residents of the forest.


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