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After the completion to the previous series it might seem like the main character (Calie) had faced that which haunted her and moved on, but with Wonderland still serving as a source of madness for the character and as an analogy of madness for the reader, she is very much still in the grips of her past struggles.  She is now pregnant and going through the motions of what should pass for a happy life with her boyfriend Brandon, but she knows it is all a façade.  What is more, so does he, and here his actions serve as much to drive forward the series as do hers, as he tried to deal in any way possible with her own problems, and trying to resort to things across the spectrum of ways to deal with someone is such a situation.  This deals with a lot of more dark matters as well such as the return of Johnny and only touches on the sad state that so many prostitutes fall victim to serial killers.  For the previous series which started and ended in such a strong way, here the second series in the series at least starts in a similar manner. 

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