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    Team » Beyond Corporation appears in 61 issues.

    An interdimensional corporation that specializes in superhuman experimentation and playing reality-warping jokes on the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

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    The Beyond Corporation is first introduced in Nextwave: Agents of HATE #1 by writer Warren Ellis and artist Stuart Immonen. Warren Ellis initially said the entire series was set in an alternate universe, but Joe Quesada later confirmed that it was set in Earth-616. It was later revealed in Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #6 that the heroes of Nextwave were from Earth-616, but the Beyond Corporation was from Earth-63163. They conscripted the heroes of Nextwave to torture for their own warped sense of humor.

    Major Story Arcs


    Nextwave vs Beyond experiments
    Nextwave vs Beyond experiments

    The Beyond Corporation was taking advantage of the organization, HATE (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort) to produce Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction. This organization had their very own superhero group, Nextwave, which discovered Beyond’s plan and decided to go rogue.

    Nextwave attacked Beyond Corporation’s Human Resources, a plant based army of robots. For this indiscretion, Number None, supposed leader of the Beyond Corporation, targeted Nextwave with multiple waves of tailor-made superhumans including The Mindless Ones and The New Paramounts. Forbush Man, as leader of the New Paramounts, was able to infect Nextwave members’ minds with their worst nightmares, except for Boom Boom. She was able to take out Forbush Man, freeing her teammates and crashing the warship they were all on.

    Nextwave survived, but HATE’s warship crashed into Beyond’s floating superhuman factory, releasing multiple superhuman teams that Nextwave had to clean up. With no other superhumans at his disposal, Number None attacks. He is killed instantly by Machine Man and revealed to be a puppet leader for a super intelligent variant of Devil Dinosaur. They are forced to fight this version of Devil Dinosaur, killing him, thus ending both HATE and Beyond and freeing them from any responsibilities to either.

    The Mighty Avengers

    Jason Quantrell, possessed by Beyond
    Jason Quantrell, possessed by Beyond

    Desperate after some company failures, Jason Quantrell of Cortex Incorporated funded a portal project from a group of science extremists. This project opened a gateway to another Earth and allowed the Beyond Corporation to possess him and take-over Cortex on Earth-616. During the AXIS event (where heroes and villains magically had their moral compasses inverted), they were able to manipulate an inverted Luke Cage to sell his Mighty Avengers concept and brands over to them.

    Since Spectrum was a member of the Mighty Avengers, she recognized the name immediately from her Nextwave days and flew off to confront Jason. Meanwhile, Blue Marvel and his son, Max, use this distraction to bring the dead Kevin Brashear through the same portal that brought the Beyond Corporation to their Earth.

    Kevin was an energy being and was able to seemingly remove the Beyond Corporation and its avatar from this universe.

    Spider-Man Trademark

    Beyond building being scrubbed
    Beyond building being scrubbed

    When Parker Industries was liquidated, Beyond returned to Earth-616 and obtained the Spider-Man trademark that Doc Ock had filed during his tenure. This allowed them to have their own branded Spider-Man. They recruited Ben Reilly for that role, outfitted him with a new advanced suit and a high priced salary.

    Beyond believed that Ben would be easier to manipulate than Peter. They had been selectively editing his memories and were using him to clean up their own supervillain messes so that they looked like they were in the right. When Ben found this out he turned against them.

    Both Ben and Peter came to the Beyond offices looking for answers. Ben, in particular, was enraged, causing a lot of damage. CEO Maxine Danger confronted the Beyond board claiming they needed to clean house and move on. She had already activated the psychoactive substance that would alter the 616 universe, scrubbing them from this reality. For her failure, the board attempted to kill Maxine, but she was able to get away using a holographic decoy.

    Meanwhile, the psychoactive substance didn't just scrub Beyond but change Ben into the supervillain, Chasm.

    List of Beyond Corporation Subsidiaries

    • Highest Anti-Terrorist Effort, a law enforcement agency on Earth-63163
    • Cortex Incorporated, a tech startup and Beyond's first front on Earth-616
    • Parker Industries, assets purchased after it closed, specifically the Spider-Man trademark
    • Infinite Solutions, a private security firm specializing in holding superhuman criminals awaiting trial or transfer to prison
    • Asset Analysis Incorporated, a front for the Assessor's experiments
    • Kalibank, a holding company that manages Beyond's acquisitions
    • Fairgray Pay, Hobie Brown's crowdfunding platform

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