Beyghor Sahdett

    Character » Beyghor Sahdett appears in 14 issues.

    A Jedi Knight and member of the race known as Verpine, who lived during the last years of the Galactic Republic, and into the reign of the new Galactic Empire.

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    Brief History

    He was a Verpine Jedi who thought in the times of The Clone Wars, using his skills as a Jedi and using his bright green lighsaber, he was one of few Jedi who were able to survive Order 66, the massacre of Jedi's across the galaxy.

    Sometime later he got into contact with Bomo Greenbark, looking for another Jedi that he had gotten wind of surviving Order 66, like himself. His name was Dass Jennir. While Bomo and Beyghor communicate with the troops that Bomo has gathered aboard his ship, The Uhumele, they come under attack by stormtroopers, who were also looking for Dass Jennir. Beyghor quickly killed all of the attacking stormtroopers, earning the trust and respect of Bomo and his own troops.


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