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    Character » Beverly Switzler appears in 124 issues.

    Beverly Switzler is the closest thing Howard the Duck has to a sidekick and friend.

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    Beverly Switzler is the closest thing Howard The Duck has to a sidekick and friend. Beverly Switzler first met Howard when they were both taken captive by the mad financial wizard Pro-Rata. Thrown into a dimensional portal, Howard and Beverly worked together to return to Pro-Rata’s tower where Howard defeated Pro-Rata with assistance from Spider-Man.


    Beverly was created by Steve Gerber and Frank Brunner and first appeared in Howard the Duck issue 1 (1976).

    Major Story Arcs

    Living with a Duck

    On vacation
    On vacation

    Beverly took in the otherwise homeless Howard, giving him a place to stay, and the two became close friends. Their life together was far from conventional; they struggled to make ends meet, living “hand-to-beak,” with Beverly posing as a model for life-drawing classes to pay the bills.

    They often faced extraordinary obstacles and had numerous somewhat humorous adventures together, fighting such villains as Doctor Bong (an old high school classmate of Beverly's who had a crush on her). During the crisis with Doctor Bong, the two where captured and became separated for some time. Doctor Bong would only allow Howard to live and be free if and only Beverly would marry him. Beverly agreed and all seemed lost. However, it turned out that the marriage was never legal, so eventually the two where back together again. They shared numerous more adventures, such as traveling to alternate times with their on again/off again buddy the Man-Thing. They even traveled to Howard's own home planet Duckworld, until he realized he was as much an outcast there as he was on earth. He finally decided to stay with Beverly on earth. In spite of it all, their relationship blossomed and they managed to fall in love.

    Beverly and Howard still share an apartment and live happily together with an on again/off again relationship.

    New Avengers

    Beverly was recently seen as a possible candidate for a nanny to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby girl in the New Avengers. She told them she had lived with Howard, a duck, for a number of years. This could have let to her not being hired as a nanny.

    Reunited with Howard

    Beverly was not heard from in a long while, and Howard lost contact with her. That all changed when he met Beverly once more while on a quest in the far reaches of space.

    Other media

    Howard the Duck: The Movie (1986)

    Lea Thompson portrayed Beverly in the Howard the Duck movie
    Lea Thompson portrayed Beverly in the Howard the Duck movie

    Beverly Switzler appeared in the " Howard the Duck" Movie from 1986, in which she was portrayed by actress Lea Thompson. In the film, Beverly was a singer in a rock band who took in Howard after he saved her from a group of muggers.

    The movie was no success, it could even be said that it was a flop. The movie has, however, become somewhat of a 'cult classic' in recent years.


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