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Agent X 10:

Beverly Lacoco is the ex-wife of super hero Fight-Man. She hires Agency X, specifically Sandi, to whack Fight-Man for alleged domestic abuse. Sandi fails at the assassination so she calls Alex Hayden, to take out the target.

Alex wakes up the next morning to a phone call from Sandi stating that she had been kidnapped by none other than Beverly Lacoco. Though Agency X had thought they had successfully taken out Fight-Man, turns out he's bullet proof and a good nights sniping cannot take him out.

Agent X, aka Alex Hayden has 24 hours to "Terminate" Fight-Man before Beverly is going to kill Sand

Agent X 11:

Agent X and Fight-Man are on a rampage to get to Beverly in time. Mean while she is sending her drones to stop Fight-Man. Time is ticking and Sandi has less and less time to live.

While Alex and Fight-Man, fight... Beverly is putting the finishing touches on her master plan; meanwhile, her boyfriend The Hooded Eye [and first sidekick of Fight-Man] proposes and makes her the "Happiest Girl in the World"

Beverly is supposed to be the "control" of an experiment since she has no powers... as Fight-Man and Agent X come closer. The switch is flipped and it turns out she has switch the script on everyone. She is not the control but the person who has taken the top 10 powers of her underworld syndicate. Immediately she turns into a black widow killing her fiance.

For the start of her revenge against Fight-Man [who has destroyed all of down town by this point] sets his crotch on fire. Turns her attention to Alex and Sandi, bullets can't hurt her because she's bullet proof and - surprise, surprise - she's taken out by someone she sent out to kill her ex-husband.

Metalhead, who Fight-Man has punched into oblivion conveniently lands on - and kills - Ms. Lacoco.


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