How did she become Red She Hulk?

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Was it ever explained how she became the Red She Hulk? I haven't been following the Hulk storyline because Jeph Loeb was writing it,so could someone explain what made Betty become Red She Hulk?
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Personally I don't know but it is probably under her Bio. Comic Vine is very thorough with their info.

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The intelligencia stole her body, brought her back to life and then experimented on her, blasting her with gamma and cosmic radiation. (they decided that her and her father have been around the green giant for so long that their bodies have become accustomed to the radiation and could handle the experimantation on them. Im not sure if she was but General Ross was actually created to be coming addicted to absorbing other radiations until he could never get enough and it would eventually kill him but Banner fixed that problem so he can no longer absorb radiation from other beings and things but he wont die from it either.

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