Betty Dean

    Character » Betty Dean appears in 182 issues.

    A policewoman in the 1940's. She often helped out Namor during World War II

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    Betty Dean was a born and raised in England before moving to America. A swimming champion in college she later became a policewoman. She was a close friend and romantic interest to Namor in the 1940s and 1950s. She was the adoptive mother of Namorita. Initially as per her career as a policewoman assigned to deal and apprehend with Namor after the Sub Mariner rampaged through New York on one instance, the two developed an attraction on meeting for the first time. Betty Dean played a large role in convincing Namor to aid America and the Allied Forces in the fight against Nazi Germany. Namor had been acting under the orders of the Atlantean Emperor Thakorr, and it was Betty who set Namor straight, informing him that the Americans were not his enemies. The two would cooperate in order to fight against the Nazi's saving an American vessel attacked by a Nazi U-Boat and neutralizing another. Namor would end up captured by American forces sometime later however and Dean would represent and fight on Namors behalf in his legal trails. Namor as a sign of gratitude in later years would also join up with Dean's Legion of Loyalists to rescue her brothers imprisoned by the Japanese. The two were separated for a time when Namor would join the famous Invaders group alongside other heroes such as Captain America and his long time rival Jim Hammond. Betty would eventually be reunited with Namor and the two would engage in a romantic relationship.      


    Betty Dean is a Marvel comic book character and was created by Bill Everett. The character first appears in  Marvel Mystery Comics #3 released in 1940. She is one of Marvels oldest characters though primarily serving as a supporting character. 

    Powers and Abilities

    As an ordinary human, Betty Dean possesses no superhuman powers or abilities. An accomplished swimmer, she also possesses training typical of a police officer. A trained hand to hand fighter, Betty Dean was also notably brave. After being experimented on by Dr Hydro, Dean would become transformed into a Hydro being. This version of Dean had the ability to function underwater.     
    Physical Characteristics   
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 135 lbs 
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue

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