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Bettie's next stop on her dimension-hopping quest finds her six inches tall...with gossamer wings. Can one tiny adorable sprite stop the most powerful creatures in the multiverse from throwing it all into chaos and destruction?

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AJohn Royle (a) & Mohan (c)1
BCover BScott Chantler2
CCover CDavid Williams (a) & Kelsey Shannon (c)3
DCover DJulius Ohta4
ECover EPhoto5
F/RI1:10 Retailer Incentive "Virgin Photo" Edition Variant CoverPhoto6
G/RI1:20 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverDavid Williams7
H/RI1:30 Retailer Incentive "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverScott Chantler8
I/RI1:40 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverJulius Ohta9
J/RI1:50 Retailer Incentive "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverDavid Williams (a) & Kelsey Shannon (c)10
K/FOC1:11 FOC "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJulius Ohta11
L/FOC1:15 FOC "Black & White" Dressed Edition Variant CoverJohn Royle12
M/FOC1:21 FOC "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJohn Royle (a) & Mohan (c)13
N/FOCFOC "Virgin Black & White Art" Edition Variant CoverJohn RoyleMissing


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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