Bethany Snow

    Character » Bethany Snow appears in 66 issues.

    A reporter for WUBC News who secretly was a member of Brother Blood's cult.

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    Current Events

    A little over a year into the new 52, DC Comics started running a backup feature in some series called Channel 52 where other series were promoted. Bethany Snow is a member of the news team.


    Bethany Snow, a telejournalist for WUBC News, was secretly a member of Brother Blood's cult. Snow used her job as a news reporter to offer horrendously slanted reports about the Teen Titans, and to turn the tide of public opinion against them. From the first time Brother Blood fought the Titans, Snow used her news reports to make it appear that the Titans were attacking Blood unprovoked.

    There were several clashes with the Titans, including a campaign of false information, setups and dirty tricks, engineered with the help of church member Bethany Snow. Snow used her television talk show, ‘Snow Storm', as a way to further slander the Titans and further Brother Blood's base of power.

    Eventually, Blood's reach exceeded his grasp, and his Church fell. When that happened, it was exposed that WUBC was owned by Blood, and Bethany Snow was a member of his cult.

    Although discredited, Snow has managed to continue her career as a newswoman.

    New 52

    Bethany Snow can be seen as the head news anchor for Channel 52, an in-universe back up feature found in the pages of DC Comics.

    Other Media



    Bethany Snow has been shown on television within the CW show. She works for channel 52, just like her New 52 incarnation. Her appearances are cameos, and her character plays no major role.


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