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Beth Tezuka is the daughter of the leader of the "Courageous Battlers," a crime-fighting, world-saving team who eventually ended up in the See-Through Zone. This led to her father being eaten by Aeon Worm. She now joins her childhood friends, Chris, Danny, and Wallow, to become the next set of Courageous Battlers, to be known as the Bravest Warriors.

Powers and Abilities

Cat-Summoning: By rubbing her sticker, she can summon an cat-themed animals.

Cat Lasettes: Beth sports a red whip (which comes from the sticker on her belt), with ropes shaped like kitten heads.

Poison Cat Claws: Beth can launch her cat ropes to scratch her enemies with its poisoned claws.

Cat Bubble: Her sticker pet can become a giant cat-shaped bubble that envelops and protects those inside it.


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