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    19 year old modern day Prez of the United States, who became the first teenaged President of the United States in 2036 after accidentally becoming a viral internet personality. Originates from Eugene, Oregon and worked in a corndog restaurant before being voted in.

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    An average citizen in a world run by capitalism, Beth was just trying to make money to get her ailing father treatment. After becoming a viral internet phenomenon, she was voted in as the President of the United States.


    In the year 2036, Beth Ross is a nineteen year old, attending the Paris Hilton Community College and working at the Li’l Doggies House of Corndogs, all while trying to pay for her father’s growing medical bills. When the shooting of a training video ended with her hair in the deep fryer, she quickly became an internet sensation known as “Corndog Girl.”

    Following a canceled attempt at Double-Dare Billionaire, which if completed could grant the winner billions, she learns that a hacker collective had exploited the lack of interest in the presidential election and started a protest campaign with her as the candidate. While originally having national votes, she lacked electoral votes until the internet personality Puppy Slaps gave her last minute indorsement, causing her to win Ohio. The election then moved to the House of Representatives, with each state receiving one vote. Representatives, hoping to get more out of the election began to withhold their votes for Governor Farmer and Senator Downey and instead cast votes for “Corndog Ross,” to keep the House in a standoff. Before the second ballot, Beth’s father, an adjunct professor, passed away from the deadly Cat Flu epidemic that was sweeping the nation. Preceding the second ballot, Beth met with Church of Wormology missionaries before promptly kicking them out of her house when she learned of their beliefs, which stated that the ailments such as the Cat Flu were rightful judgement. Upon the third ballot, with Representatives still voting for Beth, she won the presidential election when the state of Delaware, which had abstained up until that point, cast a vote for her and gave her the needed twenty-six states.

    Following her win, Beth visited her father’s grave and was met by Congressman Preston Rickard, who saved her from the oncoming newspeople intent on getting her statement. Back in the safety of her home, Preston encouraged her to become president. He persuaded her to make him her Vice President, citing the fact that, while Beth may be the most hated President in history, the way to stay alive through her term would be to pick a Vice President who is even more hated.


    Beth Ross was created by Ben Caldwell and Mark Russell.

    Other Versions

    Prime Earth

    Beth appears in the care of Miss Kitty, of Miss Kitty's Home for Wayward Girls, vowing to one day become the President of the United States.


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