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Little is known about Bete-Noire's origins. He was presumably born and raised in France. He became involved in organized crime and rose to lead his own gang, operating out of South Marseille. At some point he acquired shadow powers which he uses to facilitate his criminal operations.


Bete-Noire was created by writer James Robinson and artist Brett Booth

Major Story Arcs

Rise of Eclipso

Bete-Noire is a French super-villain, and amongst those shadow-powered individuals who are hunted down and eclipsed during Eclipso's rise to power. He joins in the assault on the Emerald City, and fights alongside his eclipsed compatriots against the heroes who attempt to take the City back from them. These efforts fail, and the eclipsed team takes control of the Starheart. Bete-Noire and the other shadow beings are then attacked by Justice League of America members in a distraction effort. He is freed when Shade is shocked back into consciousness and breaks Eclipso's hold over the shadow beings.

The Shade

Bete-Noire is hired by an unknown person to track down and kill the German private detective Will von Hammer. He sends several of his gang members to kill von Hammer, to no avail. Irritated, he himself travels to Hamburg to kill the man. There, he is interrupted by Shade, with whom he is eager to spar. He is easily defeated by Shade, who dissipates his essence into the void, effectively disabling him for several months.

Powers and Abilities

Bete-Noire is able to manipulate shadow-matter, and has a hulking, beast-like shadow body that is incredibly strong and possesses sharp claws. He is functionally immortal due to his shadow powers.


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