Beta Flight

    Team » Beta Flight appears in 47 issues.

    Operated by Canada's Department H, Beta Flight is the lowered tier superhero team beneath Alpha Flight. Beta Flight was actually the feeder program to Alpha Flight.

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    Beta Flight

    Beta Flight is a training division of Alpha Flight. The team has gone through several incarnations. Consistently the team has been less experienced (and/or younger) Canadian heroes who are training to be in Alpha Flight. Once their members were adequately trained they then may be considered for Alpha Flight status.

    Original Lineup

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    The first incarnation of Beta Flight was created by James Hudson after the failure of his first super-human response team, the Flight. This version was disbanded when the Canadian government cut all funding to Department H after several missions were deemed failures.

    Membership consisted of: Box (Roger Bochs), Flashback, Marrina, and Puck (Eugene Judd).

    Second Lineup

    The second team to be known as Beta Flight was created by Heather Hudson after Alpha Flight became allied with several young super-humans. This team broke up briefly following Alpha Flight's return from a trip in outer space.

    Membership consisted of: Manikin, Purple Girl, and twin sisters Pathway and Goblyn.

    Third Lineup

    After Alpha Flight re-gained government sponsorship, they soon sponsored another Beta Flight. Given the experience its members, Beta Flight was deemd ready for field duty. Windshear acted as their advisor/liaison.

    Membership consisted of: Feedback, Goblyn, Manikin, Pathway, Purple Girl, Talisman, and Witchfire.

    "Secret" Fourth Lineup

    Three young superhumans were kept in captivity as part of a covert, government operation. They were released following General Clarke's death.

    Membership consisted of: Flinch, Ghost Girl, and Oujia.

    Most Recent Lineup

    The most recent incarnation of Alpha Flight is made of newer heroes who for a time served as Alpha Flight. Following the return of the original Alphans, these youngsters were demoted after Department H deemed them incapable of serving on the "A" team. This incarnation was led by Guardian's synthetic duplicate, Guardian III.

    Membership consisted of: Ghost Girl, Manbot, Murmur, and brothers Flex and Radius.

    Beta Flight has not been heard from since the last two Alpha Flight teams have emerged. It is presumed they had disbanded, especially in light of the depowering of three of its four mutant members during the mutant Decimation.


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