Best Tiger

    Character » Best Tiger appears in 45 issues.

    A hero from China with unparalleled gun-slinging skills. He is also a member Guardians of the Globe.

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    The superhero from China codenamed Best Tiger. His proficiency with firearms borders on the superhuman thus he decided to wear a blindfold to make his work more challenging. His origins are still unknown but in his first appearance, he is shown taking down an entire criminal syndicate with just one bullet. He then accepted an invitation from Bulletproof to join the Guardians of the Globe, afterwards.

    Powers and Abilities

    Best Tiger has incredible marksmanship ability he can shoot anything no matter how big or small the target is. His accuracy lets him shoot multiple men with one bullet that was ricocheting off walls. Best Tiger is so talented that even with a constant blindfold on he can sense everything around him with no problem and even shoot with remarkable accuracy. Though some may think he is blind since he wears the blindfold his actual use of the blindfold is that "Not blind... more challenge". Though it is not revealed, he has been theorized by the people around him that he is actually blind and has enhanced senses that lets him do all these feats. He also has a genius tactical mind that lets him theorize every possible outcome before choosing the right one. He is also shown to have Telepathic Resistance. He was able to tell that Insomniac was probing his subconscious and from that, he managed to perceive what part of Insomniac's brain gave him his telepathic powers.


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