Team » Berzerkers appears in 12 issues.

    Five super-powered inmates trying to escape Darkthorn and their captors. They represent a rebel faction battling vs Death Squad.

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    Before Image Comics took off on April 17th 1992, Rob Liefeld had a promo teaser for a group called "The Executioners" seen in Comic Buyer's Guide in 1991 for Malibu Comics. It was quickly scrapped when Marvel Comics threatened a lawsuit over trademark litigation from X-Men properties. It wasn't until 1995 when Rob revived the group and renamed them "The Berzerkers" instead.


    Greylore, a mute with superhuman strength; Hatchet, an axe-wielding warrior woman; Psi-Storm, a telekinetic; Cross, master of most weapons; and Wildmane, a feral fighter. These five were falsely imprisoned and became inmates of the infamous prison Blackrot. They manage to escape and take the fight across the galaxy to the one responsible for their captivity, Darkthornn. They called themselves the Berzerkers and seek revenge and freedom.


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