Berto Reyes

    Character » Berto Reyes appears in 66 issues.

    Father of Jaime Reyes, the third and current Blue Beetle.

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    He was born in Arroyo Blanco, Mexico but his family moved to America when he was just a baby. He decided to follow in his father footsteps and joined the military but has retired and is now a mechanic in El Paso and is a regular supporting cast member in Blue Beetle. He is married to Bianca Reyes and is father to Jaime and Milagro Reyes.

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information see: Shellshocked

    Berto runs Reyes Gas and Service station with his one employee Luis. Jamie is always hounding Berto to let him help out but Berto is firm that Jamie needs to ace high school first. Then Jamie goes missing for a year, and in that time some thugs come looking for Luis and Berto is beaten up and from then on has to walk with a cane.

    A year after his disappearance Jamie returns home and show Berto and the family that he is now the Blue Beetle. Bianca and Milagro take it badly and run off. Berto stays behind and explains to Jamie that Milagro is scared and Bianca is torn because she has already come to terms that Jamie was dead. Berto then tells his son to go somewhere while Berto talks to the family.

    Road Trip

    For more information see: Road Trip


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