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Little is revealed of Bert's life before him becoming an interplanetary insurance salesman/insurance adjuster/insurance claims representative.   


His first appearance was in Mystery in Space #16. 

Character Evolution 

The character followed along the lines of some of the cliches as related to insurance work, and in a turn which was somewhat unexpected for a heroic character, he was occasionally seen trying to find a way out of compensating clients.   
For a time he was the only recurring character in the anthology style series, though notably he was never featured on a cover.   

Major Story Arcs 

As he was featured in anthology style comics, all of his stories were self contained and did not carry over many details from one to the other.  As a character in the silver age of comics he had fairly characteristic stories of unlikely solutions to problems, science which was suspect even by the day's standards and traveled through space in unrealistic ways.   

Powers and Abilities 

He exhibited no special powers.  He has access to the same high-tech items as the other people of his era.  He displayed a knack for surviving dangerous situations despite his lack of any real training or natural abilities.  

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