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Powers and Abilities

Beserker as the second Fist of Ragnarok was the second most powerful fighter in a gang of martial artists and could go toe to toe with many high class disciples. The is despite him having no formal training as a fighter. Berserker is just a street fighter looking to do his own thing and enjoy fights. Berserker was only surpassed in the initial Ragnarok arc by Odin, Hermit, and Kenichi himself. Berserker demonstrated his skill by defeating all underlings of the Shinpaku Alliance, Takeda and Ukita, and Siegfried all in one night, while also going on a city wide chase with Niijima. Berserker at the final confrontation between Rganarok and the Shinpaku Alliance defeated the 4th Fist Loki along with his personally trained lackeys and then went on to almost defeat Hermit, though lost.

Berserker has since been training with Ogata to increase his abilities but unlike the rest of YOMI, Berserker is still noT learning any formal martial arts training, only using the exercises to strength his body. The only technique Berserker has learned is the seikuken defensive technique and even that he put his own spin on. Miu notes that her grandfather developed his own Furnji style by doing what Berserker is doing now, meaning he has the ability to develop his own personal fighting style.

Beyond his fighting ability, Berserker is a genius when it comes to fighting and can often read his opponents very throughly. He never bought into Loki's deceptive words when even Freya had doubts about Ragnarok after talking with Loki. Berserker's instincts are extremly honed and even though his unpolished fighting often leaves him open Berserker usually can find a way to counter. Berserker defeated Siegfried by realizing he couldn't counter in midair and that Berserker could also counter Sieg's counter attacks. Berserker is often also very lucky, in a poker match with Loki, even though Loki stacked the deck in his favor, Berserker got a royal straight flush to beat Loki's four of a kind.


  • Berserker Mode - Berserker's most revered ability and the one that gave him his nickname. An adrenaline rush that activates his Dou Ki and makes Berserker much stronger and wilder in a fight. Berserker will stop thinking about his moves and fight on pure instinct.
  • Seikuken - A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offense and defense. Berserkers personal Seikuken is much tighter than Kenichi's since he keeps his hands in his pockets for the technique, but is still able to attack with his feat. This ability earned him a genius compliment from Kenichi.

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