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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 197. "Trolls" (獣鬼 "Torōru")
  • Chapter 198. "The Witch" (魔女 "Majo")
  • Chapter 199. "Mansion of the Spirit Tree, Part 1" (霊樹の館(1) "Reiju no Kan (1)")
  • Chapter 200. "Mansion of the Spirit Tree, Part 2" (霊樹の館(2) "Reiju no Kan (2)")
  • Chapter 201. "The Astral World" (幽界 "Kakuriyo")
  • Chapter 202. "Magic Stone" (魔石 "Maseki")
  • Chapter 203. "Elementals" (元素霊 "Erementaru")
  • Chapter 204. "Enoch Village" (イーノック村 "Īnokku Mura")
  • Chapter 205. "Ambition and Reflection" (野望と追憶 "Yabō to Tsuioku")
  • Chapter 206. "Troll Raid" (獣鬼襲来 "Torōru Shūrai")







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