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Berenice Gabrielli (ベレニケ・ガブリエリ, Berenike Gaburieri) is an antagonist of the BLEACH series that was created by Tite Kubo, It first began serialization Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2001. He was first introduced during the The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc that began in Volume 55.

She first appeared in BLEACH Volume 57 CH. 502 "Falling Sakura".

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Berenice first appears during the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, where she participates in the Vandenreich's invasion of Soul Society. Berenice confronts Captain Kenpachi Zaraki alongside her fellow Stern Ritter members Loyd Lloyd and Jerome Guizbatt. Berenice delves into a lengthy explanation of her powers to Kenpachi, warning him that she will force him to question everything about himself, but Kenpachi grows tired of listening to her speak and rips her throat out before she even has a chance to mount an attack.

Powers & Abilities

Question-Based Ability - Though never demonstrated, Berenice claimed she had the ability to cause her enemies to doubt themselves.


Other Media


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