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Now much is know of Bentley's life before joining the Dollmaker's Family, but now a member, Bentley is one of the strongest members of the family.


Bentley was created by Detective Comics writer/artist Tony Daniel.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Dollmaker

When Batman tracks Ray Quimby to the Taylor Street Imports abandon warehouse he is jumped by Dollmaker and his family. In the ensuing brawl Dollmaker orders Bentley to "break Batman spinal column." Bentley tries to obey but Batman hits him with gas rockets from his gloves, and escapes.

Later when Batman tracks Dollmaker to Mercy Hospital, Bentley surprises Batman and puts him in a choke hold and knocks the hero out cold. While Batman fights for his life in a demonstration created by Dollmaker, Bentley and Sampson collect the Dollmaker's things. This is where they are met by an enraged Batman who easily defeats the two in a fair face to face fight. It is assumed that Bentley and the others of the family are taken to prison when the Gotham City Police show up.

Powers and Abilities

Bentley possess great strength, and high threshold for pain.


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