Benjamin Martel

    Character » Benjamin Martel appears in 4 issues.

    Benjamin Martel is a former political analyst, hermit, and lover of Crystal Kennedy and Susan Veraghen in the world of Grendel.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Benjamin Martel was a political analyst for the Grendel Khan, Orion Assante. When Assante died, Martel became disillusioned with the rule of the Regent, Laurel Kennedy, and left to become a hermit in Alaska.

    Years later, Crystal Kennedy, the step-daughter of Orion Assante, and her guard and lover Susan Veraghen wander near his cabin in their own political self-exile. Martel invites them to stay with him.

    Over the ensuing ten years, the three of them engage in a mutual romantic and sexual relationship, although the bond between Crystal and Susan becomes weaker.

    Finally, Jupiter, the heir to Orion and step-brother to Crystal, also happens by the cabin on his way to take back his throne. Susan and Crystal join Jupiter, but Martel stays on alone in his cabin.


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