Benito Emanuel Tomas D'oro

    Character » Benito Emanuel Tomas D'oro appears in 3 issues.

    A voodoo master. He has helped Grendel (Hunter Rose).

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    Character History

    Grendel: Black, White and Red

    Toro is a master of santeria, a form of voodoo. He lives in the basement of an abandoned oil refinery, guarded by a horde of zombies.

    Early on, a criminal, Rusty Snells, hires him to kill Grendel (Hunter Rose). Rose had a contract to kill Snells, so Snells wanted Grendel taken out first. Toro laughs at the idea that you can kill a devil, as he considers Grendel to be, but agrees. He tells Snells and his friends to come back in a few days as he prepares his spells.

    Snells returns and Toro summons Grendel, who is actually already there, checking out the scene. Grendel jumps down and kills the criminals. Toro's zombies eat the dead criminals. Toro says he's always careful about calling on the devil, and that his debt for doing so was paid by the dead men. Grendel leaves.

    Grendel: Behold the Devil

    Later, in an ironic twist, Grendel hires him, this time to help him understand the supernatural creature that was following him. Rose has a copy of a bloody footprint that the creature left. Toro identifies it as a Dire-Imp, and tells him that he can help him trap it.

    Grendel robs an armored truck (possibly the truck he robs in two stories in Red, White and Black) and showers Toro with money, and in return Toro gives him a number of unholy relics that Hunter can use to create a magic circle and entrap the demon. Toro's magic is real, and Hunter is able to trap the Dire-Imp.


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