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    Bengali is a young Thundercat and a skilled blacksmith, Son of Tigris (The most skillful blacksmith of Thundera) who wields the magical Hammer of Thundera.

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    Bengali is the only son of Tigris, the famed blacksmith who forged the sword of Omens. As a cub, Bengali was hyperactive, clumsy and prone to nervousness. He worked as his fathers assistant and ran errands for him. When Thundera was destroyed, Bengali was one of three cats to escape, on a spacecraft, eventually finding there way to third Earth and joining the Thundercats. 
    Powers and abilities
    Super Speed: While unable to run at the same speed as Cheetara, Bengali is faster than all the other thundercats, particularly in regards to hyperactivity. As a cub this proved to be a hindrance and he found himself clumsily falling victim to accidents, but after managing himself he has made a skill of hyper actively multitasking many objectives at hyper speed.
    Magic/forge: Bengali is an unrivaled blacksmith, able to forge magical weapons that surpass even his own fathers craftsmanship. He even went as far as to make improvements to the sword of Omens after it had been broken in battle. 
    Weapons expert: Bengali is a master of any weapon he forges. His weapon of choice however is a war Hammer.
    Bengali wields a Magical Hammer. The Hammer is indestructible, and can fire blasts of mystic energy, as well as changing size, going from the size of a crafts hammer, to a war hammer. The hammer can also absorb energy, and focus that same type of energy back at his opponents. 


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