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Hi, i'm new to this site and this is my first post. :)

I know the Clone Storyline wasn't very popular with alot of readers but I personally thought it was a good story, just dragged on for alot longer than it should of been. Anyway I was just wondering if there aremany diehard Skarlet Spider fans out there. I personally love everything about the character the storyline,costume,name and was kinda dissapointed when they cancelled his series and very dissapointed when they killed off the character. I would of loved to of seen him get his own series seperate from Spiderman, say based in Los Angeles having his own adventures. Despite the controvercial Clone storyline does the Skarlet Spider have much of a fan following?

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During the Clone Saga I started liking Scarlet more than regular Spidey. I just hated how they kept surprising us with "wait a minute... Ben might be the real Peter Parker" crap... as much as I'd love for him to be back and have his own series... I'd prefer for him to just stay dead instead of Marvel coming up with a lackluster reason for his return. I already liked the way he went out, died in Peter's arms as he accepted him as his brother.

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