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I found myself at a bit of a problem considering the appearances of Scarlet Spider. I'm thinking that we should add him to comics where he was running around with Spider-Man's name and similar costume. Thing is, just adding Spider-Man to those comics seems wrong as Peter and Ben have often seen together in those, and Scarlet Spider page is about the clone named Ben, after all....or I could be wrong and Scarlet name should be used only when someone runs around in that costume....then again Arachne (spider-woman 2) has been added to those pages that she still used her spider-woman name. So, what thinks the majority?

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I've been adding Scarlet to issues where he is in the Spider-Man costume. The reason why i think it's best is if someone wants to see what issues Ben Reilly appears in it's going to be impossible if they are listed under Spider-Man. And since they have separate pages, why not use them?
I've been doing the same whenever someone uses someone elses costume, like when Iron Fist used Daredevils costume i would add Iron Fist to the issue instead of Daredevil.

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Well mod counts as majority, I shall add him to few more issues then.


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