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    British comic book writer, Ben McCool has gone from selling comics to writing them. Companies he has worked for include DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Archaia and IDW Publishing.

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    Born and raised in Birmingham, England, Ben McCool was a long time fan of US comics. He first began to work with comics when he was employed by Nostalgia & Comics in his home town. There he met and became good friends with the Hitman artist John McCrea and began to learn more about the art of writing comics. Since then McCool has moved to New York City.


    He has worked with DC Comics on Justice League Unlimited and Superman, plus also in DC's creative services/licensing departments. There, McCool has been in a steady working relationship and come into contact with many other creators. It has been a launch-pad to his freelance writing career, which has led to the creation of Choker with artist Ben Templesmith through Image. This was followed up by Memoir (working with artist Nikki Cook), which was picked up by Warner Bros. for development as a TV show, and Pigs, co-written with Nate Cosby.

    McCool has also worked with video game giant Namco Bandai's ShiftyLook to produce the webseries The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies (with Emmy award-winning artist Dean Haspiel), IDW Publishing and literary agency Trident Media on Nevsky (art by Mario Guevara), a hardcover telling the tale of legendary Russian figure Alexander Nevsky, plus Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik on Lookouts, a series based on the tremendously popular webcomic of the same name. Lookouts is published by hobby game company Cryptozoic and illustrated by Robb Mommaerts & Mike Norton.

    Outside of comics, Ben McCool has also written for the gaming website, and various bits & pieces for 20th Century Fox (including interviews, junkets & promotional writing).


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