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    Belle lives together with her crazy, old father Maurice in a small, provincial town in France. She is the most beautiful girl in town, and is also very clever. Secretly, she wants more than the provincial life she lives in.

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    Beauty and the Beast

    Belle is the daughter of Maurice, the crazy wacky inventor that everyone finds to be looney. They live together in a small unknown French town, where Belle has the reputation as the most beautiful girl in town. Everyone marveled at her beauty but at the same time thinks she's rather odd as she's not like the rest of them.

    At the time, Belle’s father was working on a wood cutting invention. Just as he was about to give up, it suddenly started working and thus decided to head off to the fair with his contraption and his horse Felip to enter a contest. Being somewhat confused with the directions, Maurice never made it to the fair and instead got lost in the foggy woods in the middle of nowhere; finding himself at an old gothic enchanted - like castle in which he took refuge from the cold blizzard evening weather which was beginning to stir.

    All but one of the living items welcomed him in from the rain but soon after he sat, the Beast threw him into the dungeon for intruding and for staring into the Beast's eyes. Maurice's horse returned home to get help. Felip found Belle there, and then took her to the castle showing her where Maurice was. Belle confronted the Beast, and offered herself to be his prisoner forever instead in order for her father's release. The Beast obliged to her request. He released her father and sent him home. He then told Belle she could go anywhere in the castle, apart from the West Wing which was forbidden.

    The Beast, however wasn't always a Beast. He was in fact a heartless prince named Adam who turned an old lady away, judging from her ugly appearance, from shelter one rainy evening. The old lady actually happened to be a beautiful enchantress, who put a curse on the castle and its inhabitants leaving the prince with a single rose, serving as an hour glass. The reason why the enchantress cast this spell was so Beast can learn to never judge a book by its cover. If the last petal of the rose fell on Adam's 21st year and he was not loved and loved in return he would remain a Beast forever, and the inhabitants of the castle would remain as objects.

    Later that evening, the Beast offers Belle dinner and shows her to her quarters. However, Belle refuses to go to dinner with the Beast due to mourning over the loss of not saying goodbye to her father and makes the Beast rage up to her room barging in. He tells the living items to let her go to bed without eating anything. If she won't eat with him then she won't get to eat anything letting her starve up in her room. Later that night though, she sneaks out quietly into the kitchen and tells the items that she is hungry and ,with great pleasure, they prepare food for Belle and entertainment as well with the song "Be Our Guest".

    After dinner, with a little persuasion from Belle, the items offer Belle a tour of the castle and tell her that she is forbidden from the west wing just as the Beast told her before. Feeling curious, she sneaks away and goes there despite the warnings. There, she discovers the enchanted rose. The Beast then finds her trespassing, and becomes greatly enraged chasing Belle out of the wing which frightens her.

    Terrified, Belle escapes the castle, going against her promise out of fear. On the way home, she is attacked by wolves. The Beast comes just in time to her rescue and fights them off, barely surviving the attack. Belle returns with the Beast to the castle to wash his wounds and Belle tells off Beast by telling him - "Learn how to control your temper". This was something the staff of the castle has been wanting to tell Beast for a long time but never had the guts to.

    Belle and the Beast gradually begin to fall in love as Beast starts showing a gentle soft side to Belle. After a romantic dance one evening, Belle looking very upset tells Beast she wishes she could see her father for one last time so Beast shows her the enchanted mirror which shows Belle Maurice falling ill searching for her in the cold. Beast who loves her decides to release her from being a prisoner so Belle can be happy. He gives her the enchanted mirror to remember him by. Upon her return back home, Belle finds an angry mob of townspeople outside her home along with someone there to collect her father to put him in the asylum.

    While Belle was away, Maurice bursts into the town's local pub and announces that a Beast is holding his daughter captive. The townsfolk laugh at him and think he is insane.

    Meanwhile, Gaston the town brute who wants Belle for his wife as a trophy for his ego, makes a deal with the asylum keeper to lock Belle's father away in the asylum until Belle agrees to marry him.

    In order to try proving her father was speaking the truth, Belle uses the magic mirror the beast gave her to show the townspeople the Beast. When Gaston realizes that Belle has feelings for the Beast, he declares the crowd to head over to the castle and kill him.

    The Beast and Gaston eventually fight, resulting in Gaston dead and the Beast left dying. Belle rushes over to the Beast, crying over him and confesses her love for him. At this instant, the spell is broken. The Beast transforms into his true prince form, and the items turn back into human servants. They all live happily ever after. The End.

    Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

    The direct midquel holiday special to the movie Beauty and the Beast that takes place within the scenes of the original film around Christmas time. Belle wants to lighten up the Beast's spirits by getting the castle all prepared for the holidays. Beast aware of this idea is completely against this. The organ Forte believes Belle's plan will make the spell cursed on the magical castle and furniture breakable. To stop this plan as Forte loves to see Beast miserable uses Fife, a flute, to destroy Belle's plans and to get rid of her.

    Belle's Magical World

    The sequel to Beauty and the Beast that consist of Belle being the only human as the movie is divided into three stories. One where Belle and Beast get into a fight and Beast learns about the act of forgiveness. The second is of a romantic evening with Fifi and Lumiere where they go sledding together on top of a snow mountain. The last is where Belle persuades Beast to let go an injured bird as an act of kindness. This movie is never talked about due to the low ratings it received and how poorly it did with marketing sales.


    • Beauty and the Beast
    • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (cameo appearance)
    • Enchanted Christmas
    • Magical World
    • Tales of Friendship
    • Sing Me A Story
    • Princess Enchanted Tales
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • Belle's Quest
    • Roar of the Beast
    • Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure

    Voice Actresses:

    • Paige O'Hara
    • Jodi Benson

    Musical Theater Actresses:

    • Susan Egan
    • Kerry Butler
    • Debbie Gibson
    • Toni Braxton
    • Andrea McArdle
    • Jamie-Lynn Sigler
    • Megan McGinns
    • Christy Carlson Romano
    • Ashley Brown
    • Sarah Litzsinger
    • Sarah Uriarte Berry
    • Anneliese van der Pol

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