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    Bella Donna is Gambit's first love and former wife. Heiress to the highest rank in the Assassins Guild and the current leader of the Unified Guild of New Orleans. She is a ruthless mercenary, but still harbors a soft spot for Gambit.

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    Married to Gambit
    Married to Gambit

    Bella Donna Boudreaux and Remy LeBeau met when they were still children. Their fathers saw them as a way to stop the warring between the two Guilds of New Orleans, The Assassins Guild and The Thieves Guild of which Bella was a member of the former and Gambit a member of the latter. After the wedding, Bella Donna's brother Julien challenged Remy to a duel, one which Remy won. He was then exiled from New Orleans and forced to abandon Bella Donna.

    After having her latent mutant powers activated by the Assassin's benefactress, Candra, Bella Donna asked Gambit to return to New Orleans in order to help the Guilds fight off the Brood that had been attacking them. During this time, she used her psychic powers to follow Psylocke into the astral plane and later she expended a large portion of her energy in the fight against the Brood Queen. After she collapsed in Gambit's arms, he believed her to be dead and left her in Rogue's care in order to get revenge against the Brood.

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    Although Bella Donna was merely in a coma, Gambit risked his life in order to bring her Candra's Elixir of Life. Also, while she was catatonic, Rogue accidentally touched her, and Bella woke up without any memory of who she was or the life she lead. Over time, her memory slowly returned, but she felt as if her soul had been violated. After becoming leader of the Assassin's Guild with her fathers death, Bella returned Candra to her former position of Benefactress. The two women then attempted to get revenge upon Gambit by kidnapping and attempting to kill his current lover, Rogue. However, both X-Men were able to survive the ordeal.

    Later, Bella Donna took advantage of a number of contracts that had been taken out on Gambit's life. Although she had no interest in killing her ex-husband, she took this opportunity to sort out the conflicting emotions she had about him. After admitting that she still loved him, the two decided to permanently stay separated before they finally worked together in order to unify the Guilds of New Orleans like their fathers truly wanted. Although, Gambit was initially made leader of this Unified Guild, he opted to return to his life with the X-Men, allowing Bella Donna to rule over the Guild.

    Bella Donna entered into a romantic relationship with Bandit, although it was short lived after she learned that he was secretly manipulating her to gain control over her Guild.

    Sex + Violence

    Wolverine and Domino face the Guild.
    Wolverine and Domino face the Guild.

    In this X-Force miniseries, the Unified Guild and the the Hand are hunting down Domino. She tried to rip off $237 million from the Guild in the past, and Bella Donna is out for blood. She hires Razorfist and hunts Domino and Wolverine down. He defeats Razorfist and send him back to New Orleans in an attempt to convince Bella Donna to tell her to stop chasing them. Enraged, Bella Donna sends six more assassins to finish the job.

    After defeating the mercenaries, Domino and Wolvie head to New Orleans to try to cut a deal with Bella, unaware that they are leading the Hand into the Guild's headquarters. Negotiations with Bella Donna are unsuccessful and she orders her assassins to kill them both, but the Hand interrupts and captures Neena and Logan. They agree to surrender the hostages to the Guild in order to respect the truce they had pact. X-Force breaks in the head quaters and after a violent fight, Bella Donna agrees to forgive Domino's betrayal.

    Scarlet Spider

    Kaine offering the deal.
    Kaine offering the deal.

    Bella Donna recently set her men on Kaine who recently reappeared in Houston under the Guise of the Scarlet Spider. Kaine had in the past taken out contract killings on the Guilds turf and refused to pay tithe them. After beating her men Kaine offered her a deal. Either he would kill all of the Assassins Guild or he would do one job for her and she would then leave him alone. Bella Donna accepted the deal planned for Kaine. Later on, it is revealed that Kaine has to kill Wolverine, which is one of the "personal" Assassin's Guild targets. Accepting, The Scarlet Spider infiltrates the X-Mansion, fights the X-Men, and eventually kills Logan. However, it turns out that Logan was in on the plan with Kaine and they faked it, leaving the Assassin's Guild unaware of this scheme. Wolverine and Scarlet Spider then go to the Assassin's Guild headquarters, battle Bella Donna and her forces, and defeat a revived Red Death.


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    Thanks to Candra, Bella Donna is able to release plasmic energy from her hands. She also possess some degree of psionic capabilities. While the full extent of her psionic powers have yet to be revealed, she was shown to be able to gain access to the Astral Plane

    Known Abilities

    Bella Donna is a skilled assassin and is adept in hand-to-hand combat. She also is proficient with a number of weapons. Though the Benefactress gave Bella Donna the ability to project an unknown type of energy, she is also proficient with some type of magic, presumably voodoo.


    • Height: 6' 0"
    • Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Status:
    • Known Relatives: Marius Boudreaux (father, deceased), Julien Boudreaux (brother, deceased), Remy LeBeau (Gambit, ex-husband), Jean-Luc LeBeau (ex-father-in-law), Henri LeBeau (ex-brother-in-law, deceased)
    • Citizenship: U.S.A.
    • Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Marital Status: Divorced
    • Occupation: Assassin
    • Education: Unrevealed

    Other Media



    X-Men The Animated Series

    X-men: The Animated Series
    X-men: The Animated Series

    Bella Donna appeared in the episode "X-Ternally Yours", where her past relationship with Gambit is revealed. It also appears that she has become the leader of the Assassin's Guild, and uses an annual tradition to destroy their rivals, the Thieve's Guild. However, Gambit reveals her scheme and the Benefactress punishes Bella Donna by stripping her of her power. In the end, Gambit tells Bella that he's never coming back.


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