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    Character » Bell Cranel appears in 37 issues.

    Bell is a low level dungeon explorer who sets out to rank up in order to impress a girl that saved his life.

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    Bell was raise by his grandfather in the city, Orario. After his grandfather's death, Bell left the city on his own in order to join a familia. Hestia, the goddess of her own familia, was unable to find her own members. Bell and Hestia joined arms and formed a two member familia.


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    Bell is shown throughout the manga/anime with white hair and red eyes. He has a small and skinny build, but is known to shown massive amounts of strength in battle. He wears armor crafted by a blacksmith known as Welf and wields a dagger given to him by Hestia.


    Fire Magic: Bell has been shown using his fire magic in multiple battles. Using it to kill monsters and enhance his blade while in battle.

    Body Projection: When Bell leaves his body, it puts his mind in a more powerful state capable of ripping goliaths in half.

    Swordsmanship: Bell has been shown using his dagger with expert level skill and cutting through tough materials with ease.

    Bell wielding Agronaut
    Bell wielding Agronaut

    Agronaut: Agronaut is a rare form of magic given to Bell. This magic is given people who desire to be heroes. It has been shown to destroy matter in on second and launch faster than the speed of sound. I


    Bell Cranel is shown as a boy who is meant to be a great hero. He shows a determined spirit .and a loving attitude to his familia. He holds the potential to be a great leader and is always willing to forgive the people who betrayed him

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    Television Series

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    The anime adaptation of the Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon was created by the J.C. Staff. The anime premiered in Japan on April 3, 2015 and ended June 16, 2015. It was directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa and produced by GENCO.


    The manga adaptation was created and produced by Square Enix. It was published on December 13, 2013. It was later published in the United States..


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