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    Belinda is a Highborn who was manipulated into serving the Dark One. She operated as his assassin and served as the antithesis to Sela Mathers by corrupting souls instead of helping them. She died during the Dream Eater Saga after finding out the truth about her son. After her resurrection, she is trying to make amends with Sela and all those that she wronged while trying to find her Son.

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    Current Events

    The Best of Zenescope Special Edition collects a number of previous stories from across the Zenescope library, but in its final chapter, it suggests events which are to occur in the future of the primary Zenescope characters. A mysterious figure looks at the various characters, both in terms of past and future events - Sela's search for her daughter Ilys, Ilys mourning the death of her supposed mother Venus, the resurrection of Shang, the return of Belinda, the battle between Robyn Hood and Britney Waters, the assembly of the Greek Gods including Angel and the continued servitude of Cindy to the Dark One. In the case of the later Cindy is shown trying to conjure some demonic forces for the service of the Dark One but while doing so the mysterious figure arrives and stops her and abducts her.


    Little is still known of Belinda. She used to be a sorcerer's apprentice, but he trapped her as a genie in a lamp when she killed him for beating her. The lamp ended up in the hands of Pots, one of Sinbad's crewmen. It is still unknown how, but she managed to escape from it.

    It has been revealed that Belinda is only half human, the other half being from a species from one of the other realms. Her dual ancestry is partly responsible for both her powers and her malicious role.


    Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales Annual #1 where it is established that she tells a darker kind of story than Sela does.

    Character Evolution

    Belinda is generally portrayed as the antithesis of Sela, corrupting people into her service as opposed to saving them. Later it becomes apparent that she has lost control of her agents as they have passed into the control of the Dark One. After this it becomes evident to the group of heroes that she is less of a threat than Sela is. She and Sela even occasionally share stories together, though Belinda's dark nature invariably shines through.

    Major Story Arcs

    No Fear

    Eventually, she arrived in a kingdom that was being tormented by a wraith king. She accepted the challenge of getting rid of the spirit having "enough wealth and power to last a lifetime" in exchange. She went campaign with the prince, Victor, and several other subjects, who regarded her as weak for being a woman. But in time she managed to destroy the evil spirit by confronting her greatest fear, the lamp itself. Victor, the only other survivor, apologized for having misjudged her and asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts and lives happily and gets pregnant.

    One night she was going to surprise Victor by meeting him at the top of the castle, but when she arrived, she found the king saying to his minions that when she gave birth to her child, he would give him as a sacrifice to a demon. Just at that moment, her water breaks and the king discovers her. Their minions catch her and take the baby out of her. Then Victor arrives to see how they kill her, trying to stop them, he gets killed too. Both are thrown into a river, but Orcus tells Belinda that it's not her time yet and gives her new powers to avenge her child's murder, having to serve the dark one in exchange. She then finds and kills the king before he can tell her that Orcus was the one that took her child.

    Las Vegas

    For a time after this, Belinda successfully corrupted Sela and had her work for the Dark One (mostly centered around Las Vegas). The interaction between the two suggested a friendship in the past.

    The Snow Queen

    She later became the Snow Queen. She was chosen by mysterious evil beings to spread hate and chaos. She has a magic book of fairy tales that she uses to terrorize and traumatize her victims. She has clashed with Sela many times and has convinced Sela to let her wipe her memory, but for some reason, it didn't take. When a young girl killed her pervy professor, Belinda owned her soul in exchange for covering up the murder. She also manipulated a young boy, after she helped a young boy get his revenge on his mother's boyfriend for molesting him, into spreading mystery in other towns. She planned to turn the boy completely evil by getting him to kill a girl in his class. But Sela managed to break him free. Sela and Belinda then battled. Sela was winning until Belinda reminded her that if she was killed, then the girl whose soul, she owned would be trapped in her Ice Palace. Sela gave her own life for that of the girl. Belinda seemingly killed Sela and has continued spreading terror using her fairy tales.

    The Dream Eater Saga

    This was the first company-wide crossover for Grimm Fairy Tales. After failing to stop the forces of the Dark One in Myst, Thane unleashes the Dream Eater who will destroy all the magical beings which have moved over to Earth. Eventually, all the heroes and villains assemble together to battle the Dream Eater. Belinda is seemingly killed in the process. She is still frequently featured on the cover art for the series.

    Powers and Abilities

    As does Sela, she wields her own book of fairy tales, but she uses it to corrupt as opposed to helping. She can also summon creatures from her book to aid her in battle or materialize weapons.


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