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In the new 52 he is the eldest son of Trigon, if he remains the father of Etrigan, the father of Merlin, and the father of Scapegoat is unknown.

A cruel and wily demon; Belial is the leader of the three Sons of Trigon. With a flare for arrogance and control he encounters Phantom Stranger in his own home; They later encounter each other once more at Belial's casino; the Lucky Devil in Las Vegas. With Phantom aided by Deadman in a deadly card game, though the only reason Phantom engages in this risky act is because he thinks that Belial knows where his kidnapped family is being held. Belial loses the game because of Deadman's interference and swears his revenge for the loss. What adds insult to injury is the fact that Deadman rummages through his mind to see if they know anything about the whereabouts of his family, which enrages not only Belial, but his brothers who swear vengeance for the deeds as well as the fact that Phantom delivered her sister straight to their father. However before all this Belial hints that his sister; Raven might know what happened to his family.

Amongst his Earthly dealings is running of the Lucky Devil casino in Las Vegas, where he employs Lady Luck as one of his dealers. For his own amusement he plays high-stakes poker in one of the back rooms situated on top of a multiversal nexus, which also makes it easy for him to dispose of the remains of those who lose.

It is also of note that his sister looses control of her senses and becomes enraged when she is in proximity of her brothers.


One of the most ambitious demons in hell, he aspires to rule Hell as one of its Triumvirate. He is the father of the demon Etrigan (Demon), the wizard Merlin, and Lord Scapegoat; a demon of Hell. He and his children have often been at ends with each other, due to his schemes conflicting with those of there own, their fights are legendary. Rarely does he appear on Earth, though when he has, his schemes are usually thwarted. One of Belial's appearances on Earth was when he first encountered Arak, Son Of Thunder. He prefers to work behind the scenes, lending his demonic powers, as one of the six demons, to empower Sabbac (a blasphemous parody of Captain Marvel).

Ultimately his skills and ambition granted him the position as head of the Dominus Nerons secret police, and as such one of the most influential and politically powerful demons in Hell before Neron was removed from power by Lord Satanus and Lady Blaze, where he like many other demons (presumably) fell victim to Satanus' secret weapon that turned them into humans.


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