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Belia is the daughter of the Dark One. He put her in Hell, where she rules over the dead.

Major Story Arcs

Inferno: Age of Darkness

Belia's father, the Dark One, asks Belia to take his side in the coming war. She initially declines, but hatches a plan to double-cross them. At an informal dinner, Belia's stepmother the Dark Queen, show Belia the powerful gem Cyclops' Eye. Belia sends her mercenary Mercy Dante and their prisoner Masumi, to steal the gem. The Dark Queen catches them in the act and has secretly replaced the gem with a bomb. Mercy and Masumi narrowly escape.

Inferno: Rings of Hell

Punished by her father and stepmother the Dark Queen for betraying them, Belia and Mercy Dante are put through Hell, literally. If they survive the nine rings of Hell, they would be free. Mercy and Belia fight valiantly and, to the surprise of them both, they manage to survive the experience. Returning to London, Belia confronts the Dark Queen, vowing to destroy everything the Dark Queen has build up. Answering her, the Dark Queen kills Belia by shooting her.


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