Belaric Marcosa

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    19th Century Sadistic sorcerer whose ghost still kills

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    Belaric Marcosa was a very evil man who invited people to his house with false hope of curing someone`s illness ,even the jaded rich would go .Whatever the reasons they all would fall under his spell and commit horrible acts for his amusement .When he was tried of them he had them kill each other  brutally which gave him great pleasure to watch.He had died a physical death but that didn`t stop his ghost from continuing his sadistic ways. A group of psychic researchers including Elaine and Steven Marston went to investigate the house and it`s horrifying tales only Elaine survived .unable to remember what had happened  ,Elaine Marston, Jack and Lissa Russell, Buck Cowen (who was Belaric in disguise ) and Topaz  went to investigate Marcosa House and see if the stories were true .After many supernatural  attacks cause by Belaric ,the spirits of the house and the werewolf  killed Belaric .Russell had found Belaric bones and destroyed them with a sledgehammer.


    Belaric Marcosa was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975 and first appeared in Werewolf by Night # 34.

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