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    She is a New God, Himon's daughter, and the wife of Orion.

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    Goddess of Love
    Goddess of Love


    Bekka is the daughter of Himon, an inventor and scientist. Bekka was living with her father in Apokolips for many years. Himon was secretly preparing an uprising against Darkseid throughout that time. Bekka's existence was one of his best kept secrets. Bekka eventually fell in love with Orion, surprising her father by falling for the son of his worst enemy. The two helped Orion free his mother Tigra. However the release of his estranged wife brought them the attention of Darkseid himself. Himon was killed while Bekka escaped with her new husband and mother-in-law to New Genesis.

    In Superman/Batman #40, Bekka rescues Batman who is near death. Bekka has some emotional baggage and obsesses about why her husband Orion comes and goes. She feels abandoned by him. Batman is overcome with lust for her. He doesn't know if it's a power or genuine feelings but throughout issue #40 all he wants is to be close to her. This results into their short affair as Bekka indulges him.

    Unfortunately for Bekka, when Orion left New Genesis for yet another mission, the being known as the "God Killer" used Bekka as his first victim.

    New 52

    (Base) Bekka wrecks lantern leaders John Stewart & Indigo-1
    (Base) Bekka wrecks lantern leaders John Stewart & Indigo-1


    For more information see: Godhead

    The Highfather has summoned the Council of Eight, and orders them to retrieve one of each power rings possessed by the 7 different color lanterns. Bekka is sent to retrieve a Sinestro Corps ring. She heads straight to New Korugar and there cuts off the finger of Arkillo and completes her mission. After completing her mission, Sinestro takes an interest in her. Bekka then seeks conquest against the Green & Indigo lanterns, winning easily until once again meeting to the Sinestro corps on the field of battle who come for revenge. After a strategic retreat of the 3 lantern groups, Sinestro communicates with her from the Antimatter Universe using a construct. He offers her a yellow ring and the issue ends in suspense. Later she uses a Boom Tube to come to Sinestro's aide and it is revealed that she is wearing the fear ring.

    Powers & Equipment

    (Base) Combat blitzing + empowered by High-Father
    (Base) Combat blitzing + empowered by High-Father

    As part of the Council of 8 New Gods, Bekka has superior stats to those of humans, Lanterns, or Guardians (entering black holes unharmed / team busting). She is immune to aging and disease, as well as being virtually immortal. Bekka has emotional control over others, able to induce great desire for her person in masses of people on a mental and even cellular level. Her love power has effected:

    • The New God's population (Army/guards/her peers)
    • Sinestro & his corps
    • Mongul's hired assassins
    • Superman
    • Wonder Woman (twice)
    (Base) Instant warping
    (Base) Instant warping

    Bekka has phase shift powers which not only render her invisible but also allow her to fold space itself (Instant teleportation). While phased she cannot be heard/smelled/seen by anyone she dictates; however it seems that when phased she (and whoever she is attached to) are still tangible.

    Through technology or just through her biological makeup, Bekka has healing powers. Bekka touch also appears to have a healing effect on people as well.

    Bekka has inherited the use of Mother boxes from their original creator, her father. Her use of this sentient supercomputers allows her various other abilities.

    Defeats Sinestro and his back-up (casually)
    Defeats Sinestro and his back-up (casually)

    Bekka's durable enough that lantern constructs break upon striking her & she has shown enough strength, speed, and stamina to fight Mongul without her yellow ring.

    Council of 8 (Bekka/Orion) are more powerful than Guardians
    Council of 8 (Bekka/Orion) are more powerful than Guardians

    Qwardian (Yellow) Power Ring which gives her the following abilities:

    • Animating: A Sinestro Lantern can will things to move how he wants. The object moved however is often covered in a yellow aura.
    • Artificial Intelligence : Every ring has a connection to the Main Battery on Qward, which taps into Parallax. It acts as an "on-board computer," telling the wearer what they need to know. It can either respond out loud, or silently directly to the wearer's mind. The AI contains a large database of information that may be crucial to a "Sinestro's" success. The ring also translates nearly every language to and from the wearer, which is why the Corps can communicate with each other. When the bearer of a Sinestro Corps ring dies, the ring will seek out a suitable replacement for their sector, someone capable of instilling great fear.
    • Communicator: The ring can act as a personal communicator between Sinestro Lanterns. They have also been seen connected to telephones. Weather
    • Costumes: The wearer of the ring may create any costume they choose, based on their personal preferences, whenever they choose. The ring projects the costume over any clothes already worn at the time.
    • Energy Projection: The rings can also project beams, form protective bubbles and force fields, and fire destructive blasts. Sometimes, depending on the wearer, the beams and blasts make sounds.
    • Energy Constructs: The rings can construct anything the wearer can imagine from hard-light energy, as long as they are willing to make it. The more determined the wearer is, the more complex and intricate these things can be. The constructs can even be so complex as to form working machines, computers, and even people.
    • Flight: The ring allows the wearer to fly in atmosphere or in space, and can achieve incredible speeds, moving from planet to planet in a matter of hours.
    • Invisibility: The Sinestro Corps ring has the ability to make
    • Mind Control: The wearer of the Ring can use it to plant post hypnotic commands or control a person.
    • Mirages: The Ring can create mirages/illusions.
    • Phasing: The ring allows the user to go through walls.
    • Power Absorbing: In the JLA's first fight with Amazo, it was GL who defeated him by drawing out all of Amazo's powers. In Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Kyle defeated Parallax with SS' power and Thanos with Oa's energy by drawing out all that extra energy from them which made them unconscious. However he couldn't hold all that power nor could his Ring like Hal did with Amazo's powers, so that move isn't often used with so much power.
    • Probing: The ring can probe the Lantern's or another person's mind, allowing him to uncover memories or the person's thoughts.
    • Radiation: Besides light based radiation used to create the energy constructs associated with a Sinestro Corps member or a Green Lantern, the ring can simulate various forms of radiation. One example of this is the ability to simulate the radiation of Red solar radiation, which stunts or removes the powers of Kryptonians and Daxamites.
    • Recharging: The rings need to be recharged by means of a Power Battery. Other large sources of power may be used to recharge a power ring, however effectiveness may vary. The internal power source of a Manhunter Android is, in effect, the same as a power battery, and can be used to recharge a power ring. During the JLA / Avengers crossover, a Cosmic Cube was used to recharge a depleted ring, although this is not an ideal solution and is available if there are no other options. Members of the Sinestro Corps they generally quote the Sinestro Corps oath while recharging thSubmit All Changeseir rings: "In blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light! Let those who try to stop what's right, Burn like his power... Sinestro's might!” Unlike the Green Lantern Corps however each Sinestro Corps member seems to use a standard unaltered oath.
    • Temperature Control: The Ring can increase or decrease the temperature of anything, even something as large as stars, or even create bubbles of intense heat or cold, even down to Absolute Zero..
    • X-Ray: The Sinestro power ring has the ability to see through all objects without others around him/her being aware that the object has been made transparent. Not all material can be penetrated though.

    Yellow ring Bekka: Yellow rings provide enough durability to protect against Warworld's weapons/forces, which are confirmed solar system level in the issue before Bekka survives an attack:

    "Vast array of system destroying weaponry" (note the destroyed planets in the background)

    In Other Media

    Justice League: Gods & Monsters

    Justice League: Gods & Monsters
    Justice League: Gods & Monsters

    Bekka appears in the animated movie and tie-in, she is a parallel world's version of Wonder Woman. In this universe, she is arranged to marry Orion to establish a peace treaty between her planet and Apokolips. After the two are wed, her family perform a coup during the ceremony slaughtering Darkseid and all of his inner circle, Orion among them. Wrecked with guilty for participating in the conspiracy and falling in love with Orion, Bekka escapes to Earth where she becomes a superhero and join the Justice League. She is voiced by Tamara Taylor.


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