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"I have goals to achieve. Dreams to make come true." Plus, a new CRIMSON CORSAIR backup feature from writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!


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Sacrelicious 0

I was kind of opposed to the Before Watchmen line when it was announced. I knew I would read every damn book, just to find out whether I loved or hated it, but I felt that some stories were better left untold. Since its commencement though, I've found myself enjoying almost all of the new additions, save for the Comedian. Going into this issue, with Ozymandias being my favourite character from the original Watchmen, I was expecting big things. BIG things. In my opinion, no character's series wou...

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The Pharaoh's Journey 0

I would follow Ozymandias to hell and back. A phenomenal aspect to Watchmen that I don't see enough people raving about is the sense that nobody is fully presented in the right or the wrong. You have a huge variety of moralities clashing, and even murder/rapist Comedian has SOME degree of reasonable ideals, though I can imagine VERY few people agreeing with him. I certainly don't but that bit of nihilism has to mean SOMETHING. A lot of people attached to the admittedly badass Rorschach, not nece...

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You Can't Build an Empire By Wasting Time 0

I almost didn't pick up this issue. I was unfamiliar with the artist but more importantly I had given up on Len Wein. Wein is from the old school. He had his finger on the pulse in the 80s (writing and editing some major stories) but his sporadic appearances have not proven that he's still a thriving creator by any means. Comic books is a hard industry to grow old in and I think in this issue Wein shows he still has the chops to write with some of DC's finest.I feel that perhaps more than other ...

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