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“We are doing great things here, Edgar. Amazing things." And don’t miss the latest chapter of the “Crimson Corsair” backup feature from writer/artist JOHN HIGGINS!


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There were still some tricks this comic could have used 0

This is a review of Before Watchmen Moloch issues 1-2. I was really excited when I found out they were doing a Moloch story in the Before Watchmen. Moloch was a character who we were toldwas the big villain of the Minutemen and bad enough that when he was out Captain Metropolis formed the Crime Busters in hopes of stopping him and criminals like him. I was really excited to know more about why he was so feared and I just wanted to see some of his battles with the Minutemen. I was really disapoin...

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Blood Magic 0

All of the Before Watchmen series' seem to have some stunning covers, and it's amazing to me that Risso is behind this cover, it just seems so much more detailed than his usual style, at least in the art itself. The design is magnificently simplistic, and actually represents the storyline in a clever way.I didn't remember anything about Moloch being particularly ugly in Watchmen. It's been a few years since I read it though. And I'm not saying he was attractive, but at the same time he was prett...

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Origins of Minor Characters 0

Maybe I wasn't paying much attention but I didn't see this one coming. Before Watchmen was a concept I was interested in seeing from the start for better or worse, but of all the characters for DC to expand upon they chose Moloch, a relatively minor(all things considered) character from the original story who's main claims to fame was being the only "super villain" seen in the comic and having Comedian reveal parts of the main plot to him in a drunken rage. Basically this comic serves to expand ...

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