I've only just come across this...

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Hello y'all;

I accidentally stumbled upon this while looking through the comicvine website. I had no idea until now that the Watchmen had a prequel story made.

Alan Moore is probably my favourite graphic novel writer hands down.

For now I'll simply ask this: What can anyone tell me about this? What do you think Alan Moore himself would think of this Minutemen series?

I have more to wonder about but I'll keep it short and sweet for now.

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DC recently started making Before Watchmen books, prequels to the original Watchmen series. Before Watchmen: Minutemen chronicles the days of the Minutemen and Hollis Mason. DC making these prequels has only furthered Moore's eternal hate for the company.

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Minutemen is good but there's no doubt that Moore hates me and everyone else who reads it. Frankly I can't blame him, it's a disrespectful money grab albeit a extraordinarily well written one.

Bottom line you should pick it up unless your ever going to meet Allen Moore

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