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Proper Japanese Title: Zenmen taiketsu desu, 全面対決です

Chapter Titles

  • Babu 53: The Quiz (クイズです, Kuizu desu)
  • Babu 54: Hajime Kanzaki (神崎 一, Kanzaki Hajime)
  • Babu 55: Everyone Go Home (みんな帰ります, Minna kaerimasu)
  • Babu 56: The All-Out Confrontation (全面対決です, Zenmen taiketsu desu)
  • Babu 57: I Don't Know You (てめーなんて知らねー, Temē nante shiranē)
  • Babu 58: Latecoming Man (遅れてきた男, Okuretekita otoko)
  • Babu 59: He's Finally Here (あの人が来た, Ano hito ga kita)
  • Babu 60: Strongest (最強, Saikyō)
  • Babu 61: The Next Fight Is (次の戦いは, Tsugi no tatakai wa)
  • Extra: The Great Midwinter Duel in the Midsummer!!

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